understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, from today forth, enter into the full feeling of the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, to go forth at your Call and do Its Perfect Work. You physically do not do that, but your Call does release the Power of the “Presence”. It matters not whether your physical body is strong or so-called less strong.

You blessed ladies, who represent the feeling world of the Earth, do not ever feel that you are too frail to issue these Decrees and have the most wonderful results.

Beloved Ones, may I say this to you today? We look into the atmosphere of Earth and see in the social world, which has been taught through habit to waste long hours in playing bridge and such various activities. Think, Precious Ones, what those hours spent calling forth the Perfection of the “Presence” into their own world and America would mean!

Is it not curious how mankind has sought through habit – oh God! – to kill time? Think of it! Think of the millions of times that expression has been used, “Oh, I want to just kill time.” Precious Ones, if you have ever uttered those words, please do not utter them again. Words are cups that carry the qualities which you express.

When We focus the Mighty Rays of Light and look upon the Earth from Our own Octave of Light, We have seen the great waste of time – human beings actually doing what their words express – “killing time”. It means that you are depriving yourself of the time allotted to you here on Earth to produce Perfection in your world.

Today, Dear Ones, do not ever become weary of giving your attention to your “Presence”, which can only produce Perfection in your world.

I have noticed several instances among the Students of America today, since I came into the Earth’s atmosphere this morning, about I wish to warn you. I plead with you, do not let individuals who have fanatical inclinations and go off on a tangent, affect you, Dear Ones.

This Good Messenger had a letter recently wherein a lady was in distress and had become a fanatic through a discarnate, because she could not call forth the Light as quickly as she wished, and she became distressed.

Just because individuals who have been fanatical over all kinds of things in the past come into the “I AM” Study, and those old creations are still hanging around them, there is no reason for blaming this Glorious Presence of Light, the “Mighty I AM”, for the reactions of their own mistakes of the past.”



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