understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, be assured you are not dealing with an uncertainty! You Beloved Students who have been so earnest and may not yet have the results you would like, I plead with you, do not be discouraged. Go on and on and on in your Mighty Application, and you cannot fail!

One day you will find that wall of human creation go down. You will look through and see the Great Light which is yours. You will know then that your earnest efforts have not been in vain. No one’s earnest efforts can ever be in vain in the Acknowledgment of that “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Today, Beloved Ones, be reassured. Go forward in your Application of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. It cannot fail! And if it seems not to have produced results as quickly as you require, call the “Presence” to cleanse your feeling world of every discordant thing which may be there preventing your Application having Instantaneous Answer.

My Joy is boundless today to find before Me you who have such great strength, and whose Mighty Light will blaze forth Its Glory and give whatever Assistance is required to bring forth this Great Perfection in the World.

Do not accept reports, I plead with you, Dear Ones, in the newspapers or otherwise. Do not accept any report that is less than Perfection which comes forth to your ears or your eyes. Every time a report of limitation, distress, or a disturbing thing comes, still yourself for an instant and say: 

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, I refuse acceptance of that into my world or America! Take it out! Stop it forever! And do not let it occur again.”

You Precious Ones, if you will do that individually as you become aware of these things, oh, how quickly will they cease to act in your minds, your city, or your country.

Need I stress again to you today, how, when you issue these Decrees, they go forth into the feeling and mental world of mankind, with a Power far beyond your conception in the outer! Do not limit your Call. Just feel and know it is going forth to the very limits of America and the Universe to do its Perfect Work.

The Mental world of mankind is one! The feeling world of mankind is one! Do you not see how the human cannot have power to limit your activity?”



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