understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the need today in America has been great. Yet see how great has been the Power released for Its Protection and Blessing. I wish, while I have the opportunity today, to bless this good brother, our Beloved Mr. Zinke, who has made possible the broadcasting of this Mighty Truth so far. I shall hold hand in Blessing for that great kindness which he has done for America.

Many, many people will be raised up to make these things possible, Dear Hearts, and their Blessing shall know no bounds. Dear Ones, there are those in America today who, once they understand this Mighty Truth, Its Simplicity and Great Reality, will be so ready to give assistance for the freedom of mankind in America.

Watch it! And please remember, Dear Ones, that no human, discordant thing has any longer any power to obstruct the way of the Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. Anyone who tries it, is but just childish and foolish. While they will reap great unhappiness and misery through it, yet it has no power to obstruct anything in the way of the great Onrush of this Mighty Light.

Those unfortunate individuals who have viciously sought to intrude upon this Great Light are unfortunate indeed! It is very unfortunate for them. Those individuals who have sought to put forth vicious falsehood against this Beloved Messenger, God alone help them. I say to you, better had they never been born in this embodiment, than to spread falsehood against him.

Watch them! You or I could not wish anything upon them which will not be theirs. The unfortunate thing is that some of mankind cannot yet understand that what they sow they must reap. Now in the Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the “I AM” Students have all Power to protect themselves. Whoever sends discord to the “I AM” Students must feel its return to act upon the sender. It seems pitiful that they do not understand.

It is the same way in America. I am drawing this picture for you that you may understand it is the same with individuals as it is with America today. Those who would practice deceit to bring in certain activities for the longer binding of America, have no power! Those individuals must reap that which they would impose upon humanity.

Do you not see the Eternal Blessing which has come to mankind in the Understanding of their “Mighty I AM Presence”?”



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