understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight as I spread My Mantle of Pink over you, which I have done while I have been talking, you absorb It into your bodies, for It is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance. This means that It is Light Substance – LIGHT – Light-Substance, which you are absorbing.

It is the Ascended Masters’ Substance, which the human cannot qualify or clothe with any discordant feeling. In that way, I shall be able to give you Assistance, in your cooperation with Me, to do many things that are very wonderful.

How many of you here are interested in art? (many hands go up) Oh, wonderful! Do you know that those little hands which you hold up are the Hands of your “Mighty I AM Presence”? Do you know it is true and it is right? Your hands are the Hands of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Then if you want to do some work in art, you simply say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, now you take charge of my hands! Cause me to do perfect drawing, to produce perfect designs or pictures”, or whatever it is you wish to do; “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You take charge of these hands! Cause me to produce the most beautiful things, even more beautiful than I can imagine from the human standpoint.”

As you do that and keep calling the “Presence” to do it, you will find you will be producing the most beautiful things in pictures, designs of flowers, or whatever it is.

How many are interested in music, either instrumental or voice? (many hands go up) Splendid! Then, Dear Children, remember that your voice, your vocal cords by which you sing, are those of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and you simply say:

“Now ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, my throat is Your Throat! My voice is Your Voice. Therefore, You sing perfectly through my voice.”

If you will do that, you will be astonished how wonderfully and quickly you will begin to sing beautifully and perfectly.

You see, it is so in every activity of your physical body in the outer world. For instance:  suppose you wanted your body to become beautiful and perfect. If it is not as beautiful as you want it to be, simply say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take charge of my mind and body! Pour Your Mighty Currents of Energy through me with such intensity that my body becomes as Beautiful and Perfect as You are.”  Or in a more simplified expression:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, make me beautiful and perfect!”

Then whatever is within your physical body that is not perfect will have to give place to that which is perfect. You see?”


Lady Master Nada

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