understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes, you know, you have studied awhile; and all of a sudden you straighten up and rest, as it were, for a few moments. In that moment, you can call forth the Blessing of the “Mighty I AM Presence” for each one in the room; and do you know what that will mean to you?

Suppose there are a dozen students in the room. If you will call the Blessing on the other eleven, then you get eleven times the power of your Blessing upon yourself which you call forth for the others. Do you understand that?

When you call the Blessing upon eleven other people, you get eleven times for yourself the Blessing which you call upon the others. Is that not worthwhile? It is very wonderful as you come to understand it.

Tonight while I am talking to you, I am pouring forth into your feeling world those Qualities which will become active within you, which I see you need.

Can and will you remember that at any time you need extra Assistance, first send your thought, your feeling, your Call, to your “Mighty I AM Presence”; Then if you wish to call to Nada, you will always have My answer come back to you.

As you try that out for a while and you find the response coming more tangible each time, then such a great joy will fill your Heart; for you know you have a Friend to whom you can call and always get the Help.

In your home, if the need gets very great, call to your “Presence” first, then call to Me; and I shall always come back on a Ray of Light to you, to give the Help that you might need for yourself, in your home or your activity. As you do that, you will find a Great Peace and Joy always abiding within you.”


Lady Master Nada

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