understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The third thing is calling your “Presence” to form about you this Tube of Light, as you see It on the Chart. Then, you can move in the world untouched by the discord of human creation in the outer world, which you must necessarily meet.

If you draw such a Tube of Light about you, do you not see that the other people who come near you will feel the peaceful Radiance from the “Presence” pouring forth from the Tube of Light, and they would not desire to be discordant?

As you come to understand these simple things and wonderful activities, you will find your “Presence” will govern your world with such joyous, happy Freedom as you have never been able to maintain, until you began to experience it through calling your “Presence” into action.

You see, while it is true the “Presence” supplies Life to your body sufficiently so you can move about, yet that is not enough.

The “Presence” waits and has waited a long, long time for mankind to understand the “Presence” is there and that the individual must make the Call to It, to enable It to release a greater volume of energy – a greater quantity of energy – to flow in and through your body and out into your world through your Heart.

The first part of your physical body which is formed is your Heart; and that is where your “Presence”, through Its Ray of Light and Energy, is anchored – within your Heart, within your body.

This is how God is within, and God is without – the “Mighty I AM Presence”. Only a very small part of God is within the Heart, until you consciously know the “Presence” is there. It is very small and simply supplies the ordinary use of Life to sustain the physical body.

When you know the “Presence” is there, you can call It into action. As you practice It, you continue to call forth a greater and greater volume or quantity of the Energy from your “Presence” to produce Its Perfection in your home, world, schoolroom, or wherever it is. Will you not do this for Me?

Just before you come into your schoolroom each day, will you call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action to charge the schoolroom with this Mighty Perfection and Understanding, so when you enter into your schoolwork, all will quickly grasp what is said and be able to apply it successfully in your studies?

You will find such joy if you will do that, and I will help you. Would you like Me to help you? I will be glad to if you will do as I ask and keep such great harmony in your schoolroom, such great love, and such great joy.

Then the harmony makes it easy for your “Mighty I AM Presence” to give you Its Comprehension and Understanding in your studies, or in whatever is required for you to do during the day.

As you do this, you will find such a joy filling your mind, body, and world, such a happiness filling your schoolroom, that you will just love to come and enjoy it so much while you are here. You will feel that great loving desire to bless each other in all you do.”


Lady Master Nada

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