understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Blessed Children, I wish to give this to you because it means so much. You see on the Chart the Violet Consuming Flame. Call your “Presence” to pass It from your feet up and consume every discordant thing which you have ever created through the centuries, because you have lived many times besides this lifetime – in similar bodies.

If you will call the “Presence” to use the Violet Consuming Flame, you will have very little difficulty in keeping your feelings harmonized; and that is what all mankind requires today.

The conditions which exist about humanity through so much inharmony make it difficult for the average person to control himself and keep harmonious, but it can be done easily in the Knowledge of your “Presence”. Then you can realize the need of the Tube of Light about you, as you see there on the Chart.

How many of you try to call the “Presence” into action and form this Tube of Light about you? How many of you do that? (many hands go up) Well that is lovely.

There are three things that are so important to you: first, to know your “Presence” is the Giver of all Life to you and to the World; second, to call the “Presence” to use the Violet Consuming Flame and take out this world of yours every discordant thing and accumulation of wrongly qualified energy.

Remember now, you are living in a circle of your own world! As you call the “Presence” to pass the Violet Consuming Flame through you, It is just within and around your body.

As you call the “Presence” to send the Violet Consuming Flame from your feet up, and also consume that which is around you (and will you blessed grown-ups take note of this as well), everything out here which would be discordant in this circle of your world is drawn in and consumed by that use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

Every discordant thing that you have ever generated or created will be drawn into the Flame, dissolved, and consumed. It is a very wonderful thing Precious Ones.

As you understand and, in the Knowledge of your “Presence”, do this, you will free your world from everything which has disturbed you up to the present time. Then when you call the “Presence” into action, you will find a much more powerful Activity of your “Presence” than if It had to pour Its Energy through the discordant creation which is there.

Humanly with your physical body you cannot do that; but when you call your “Presence” into action to do it, It acts whether you see It or not, for that is not necessary.”


Lady Master Nada

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