understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, oh, precious Ones, that in this Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Blessing which the Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Great Cosmic Beings offer you, with earnest attention to your “Presence”, you can acquire in this embodiment what might take many?

Remember, Precious Ones, when your attention is earnestly given to your “Presence”, that instant your Ascension has begun! Do not let the human, your own or anyone else’s, be foolish enough to say to you, “That cannot be.”  I tell you it is! And who should know better than We who have gone the Way?

Now then, if the human intellect is too arrogant to believe the Law of which We are the Fulfillment, then We cannot assist; but those who will believe the Truths We speak to them, because We are actually the Fulfillment of those Truths – then We can be of almost limitless Assistance to them. This is what We are offering the precious Children of the Light who have been drawn under the Radiation of Our Beloved Saint Germain. You know, it is said that I resemble Saint Germain. Well, I feel quite honored.

Remember, oh, People of America! Saint Germain is the One who has enabled this Freedom to come to you! No other One of the Ascended Masters, Dear Hearts, came forth, stood His ground, and fulfilled that which He declared was and could be. He has proved that He knew whereof he spoke.

Today, a great number of your blessed people of America are proving for themselves the Great Truths which He uttered. He has worked, has labored, for more than two hundred years for your Beloved America, My Beloved America.

Do you not think that We love America as well as you? Knowing that America must be the Cup that carries the Light that lights the World, do you not think We should love your America as only those who see with Unlimited Vision can love?

While I give you Beloved Ones great credit for your ability to love, Our Ability far transcends yours. Does that sounds strange to you? Not at all. Only as you become free in the Light, do you realize how fragmentary is your ability to release the unlimited Power of Divine Love to bless everywhere.

As this Good Messenger has told you, when Saint Germain, for His Instruction, released that great flood of Love in his presence, he knew that he had never known what real Love was before. So it will be with you, as you Ascend, and Ascend, and Ascend – higher and higher – into the Consciousness and Activity of your “Presence”.

Then, too, will you understand that in your greatest outpouring to those on Earth you love, is but a fragmentary part of that with which you will flood the World in the greater Understanding and Acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Mankind should not feel that they have to be with each other in physical form to pour forth that great Love. As these two Beloved Messengers have come to know, their Love for each other is perhaps twenty times greater than it was before they entered into this Great Stream of Light and Activity. Yet sometimes for days they scarcely see each other in the Service they are rendering.

So We want you to know, Dear Hearts, there is no absence in the Presence and Power of Divine Love. Whether you are held within each other’s embrace, or whether you are miles apart, it makes no difference; and should not make any difference in the outpouring of your love and the loyalty of that love to each other.”


Cha Ara

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