understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, you may call your “Presence” to project forth a Ray of Light, and the “Presence” fulfills the condition for that Service; but for your Victory, through yourself must come the Radiance which will one day set you free.

You can give great Service even now, by calling your “Presence” to project the Rays of Light and send the Energy forth to perform the Service of the Light; but for you to gain the Victory, remember It must come through the purifying of your human form, in order for you to have your Eternal Victory.

After these two years of close association with you, do you realize how close has become that association? Perhaps you do not see Us; but does that prove that We are not moving about among you? Not at all.

Remind your outer intellect that many of the things you are using in your outer world you do not see; yet you accept them, do you not? Just tonight when you heard the Broadcast you did not see the speaker; you did not see the lines or wires connecting you with that which produced the action, did you? Yet you heard it; you received its blessing and it was quite natural to you.

Why cannot mankind receive the Reality, the Blessing of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, as readily as they receive the blessing of your radio, or the use of the airplane whose propeller becomes invisible in its power to carry you forward? Yet it is there acting.

Therefore, Dear Ones, with your attention called to these various Activities which are blessing you, but yet invisible, you will see how practical is this Understanding of the Ascended Masters. They alone represent the Perfection of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

One day you will becomes as We are. It is not a matter of can you, but you have to!


Understand that please, will you not? It is not a matter of your choice. One day you are compelled to enter Our World, the Octave of the Ascended Masters.  Your acceptance today of this Instruction and full Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, will enable that to come about with a speed which will cut off many embodiments.”

Cha Ara

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