understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Only as human doubts and fears have caused mankind, yourselves included, to limit the Power of the Life which beats your Heart to express more fully, are you yet unable to call and have it answered instantly.


Yet among the Students all over America there are those who are being answered almost instantly. The Messenger before you, has come to find that he can call and it is answered, he can decree and it is fulfilled almost instantly. So today We want to convey this Truth to you – into your feeling world.

Tonight, while I speak to you, there will come forth into your feeling world the Truth which I speak to you, through the Power of Radiation. It will hold Its Anchorage within your feeling world, to render you the Service required.

I know it is not easy for the human to realize the Simplicity, the Power with which these Great Laws cause manifestation, or how you may manipulate this substance about you and fulfill the requirement, which is your need today or in the future.

Therefore, as you continue to decree for greater and greater Perfection to fill your world, through the momentum there gathers tremendous speed; and you not only gain in confidence, but in your activity. Therefore you will find as you go forth in your Application, each time it acts more quickly.

But watch out, Dear Hearts, that you do not try to make your Application until you have reminded yourselves that when you call your “Presence” into Action, It knows no resistance or interference – but It proceeds with the Power of the Universe to fulfill your requirements!

This is so imperative for you to keep before the outer consciousness. Then your Application will act with tremendously greater speed, because the human, through momentum and that which is within your feeling world of which you are unaware, will many times seemingly obstruct your way, until you learn that it is necessary to remind the outer intellect that no human creation is an obstruction in the way, when you call forth the Energy from the “Presence”, into you, through you, and out into your world.”


Cha Ara

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