understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How fortunate, oh, Beloved Ones of the Light, that you have entered into this Great Stream which is endless in Its onward Journey into your Perfection. We who have gone the way and know the requirements of all mankind, stand by, always waiting the opportunity to give all possible Assistance at this time, in cooperation with the Great Cosmic Law.

Think of the privilege you have today in this Understanding of the Light – in being the Light, in calling the Light into action, in calling your Mighty Tube of Light into action from the “Mighty I AM Presence”, to hold Its Invincible Protection about you!

How did We attain Our Freedom? By that very identical Activity: First, by the Acknowledgment of Our Mighty God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”. Second, by calling It into action to produce that Mighty Tube of Light, Invincible to all human discord and creation.

Then, We were able to hold Ourselves in the Balance between the human and the Divine, to allow Our Mighty “Presence” to pour Its Mighty Intelligent Energy through Our Bodies, out through the Heart, into Our worlds, and have the Perfection which It is.

Beloved Ones, only Those who have gone the way that all mankind must go into the Ascension, know what your requirement is. The one who has not yet attained cannot possible know. Therefore, your only Intelligent Information must come from Those who have made the Journey just a little ahead of you.

We have made that Journey and therefore are able to give you Assistance, as yet little understood. Even the greatest of your Heart’s comprehension of the Assistance which is at hand is little, in comparison with what you will ere long understand.

Please be aware of this, for only as you progress by holding your attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, will you steadily and surely Ascend, Ascend, and Ascend, until you pass the Balance of the human into the Divine.

Then you will suddenly become aware of a clearness, an alertness, and fullness of the Power of your “Presence” within you and your world. Then will your Decree – then will your Call to the “Presence” be answered instantly.

With Ourselves, no longer is there anything within Our Consciousness or World that causes an effect of anything but Perfection. Therefore, when We call to the “Presence”, instantly it is done. If We require something through a precipitated activity, it is there.

The world of substance obeys Us in whatever octave it may be. In your octave of human experience, the substance is necessarily very dense; but as you Ascend from one octave into another, the substance becomes more pliable, more easily brought into the form which you decree.

Therefore with Us, We have but to feel, express the Desire, and It is there in manifested form. You are rapidly approaching the time when you can extend your hand and receive the manifestation.”


Cha Ara

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