understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, it will be My Privilege to either be present each night when this Group meets, or send My Direct Radiance into the room for this Special Work which is being done – and for that Special Work which I wish to do, with your permission, for each one of you who has had the courage to step forth and join this 100% Group.

It is not that We love others less – oh, not at all. We love all so greatly; but you who are willing to do this, are you not entitled to a Special Service? Would you not give a Special Service to one serving you who was willing to comply with the requirements? Do you not often give a bonus to those who have served well and unusually?

Then why should We not offer an added Service to those who are willing to comply with that which We know blesses them beyond words to express? Therefore, it is My Privilege, and I offer to give you a Special Service and Assistance in this Group because you have been willing to do as We have requested.

We pour forth Our Radiance to all Groups who are sincere; but in this it is Our Privilege to give a Special Service. If I wanted to give you a white silk handkerchief and someone else wanted to give you a blue one, is it not My Privilege?

So I want you to feel how really close We have become. Oh no, no! We are not a way off somewhere anymore. Oh no! We are right here with you, holding your hands to your Victory. Will you not let Us?

You know We cannot go chasing you around to hold your hands; but We are willing to hold them to your Victory.”


Great Divine Director

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