understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your Higher Mental Body, Precious Ones, which knows the Perfection of the “Presence” and knows your needs, will answer your every Call, and does answer it. But watch out that in your feeling world there is not a lurking doubt which is obstructing the way – or the feeling of your inability to call your “Presence” into Action!

It only requires your earnest sincere Call! Keep it up, until you have the Power of your “Presence” acting everywhere. There is nothing in the world to stop It! It knows no resistance or interference, and you shall have the Power and the Freedom which It holds for you.

Please accept this tonight, and let every one of you go forth from this room filled with the Electrifying Consciousness and Acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence” – your Treasure House – releasing from this moment all the money you require through the Power of Divine Love, whether it be direct or through channels, to supply you and give you the happiness and comfort which you require to render the Service which your Heart desires.

There is only one obstruction to the Perfection which the “Presence” holds and that is in your feeling world.

Remember what the Messenger has said to you so many times. If your Application is not producing the results you require, then say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take out of my feeling world every single thing that seems to obstruct the way, and release Your Mighty Intelligent Energy to go forth and produce these Results. ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, see that this is done now!”

What could stand before that Great and Mighty “Presence”, the Governor of the Universe?

Feel it deeply tonight, while this opportunity is here! Oh, Blessed Ones, feel it! feel it! feel it!”


Great Divine Director

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