understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel tonight My Great Love and Gratitude to this Group who have rendered such great Service. I speak to you individually for a moment. Do you realize what your being willing to serve really means? Individually, it is setting you free with great speed.

I plead with you Dear Hearts who have not or do not quite feel your financial freedom yet – oh, please, do not be discouraged. You cannot fail to have your supply! Please believe Me when I say this to you, for you are so near your freedom.

Go on and on and on calling your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, realizing that your Mighty “Presence” which gives you Life is the Treasure House of the Universe – your Treasure House – to whom you can call and have what you require released tonight.

Everyone in this room who has not yet been able to feel this full Reality of your financial freedom, please take advantage of this opportunity and allow Me to assist you to have that full Feeling right now!

I call the “Mighty I AM Presence” forth to dissolve every doubt and question in your feeling of your ability to call the “Presence” into action to have this released right now.

Please feel, as I speak to you, the Power of My own Accomplishment, to enter into your consciousness and world and give you My Feeling, the True Feeling of your financial release now – at once – and forever; that you may go forth from this room tonight, Master of your financial world, whether you have a cent in your pocket or not.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” holds the wealth of the Universe ready to release into your hands, when once you can remove the doubts, fears, and unbeliefs in your feeling, of the Power of your “Presence” to release it into your hands and use.

Your “Presence” governs all channels in the World. Oh, please do not doubt and let your human intellect cause you to feel the unreality of your “Presence”.”


Great Divine Director

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