understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know you do not yet see this in its fullness, physically speaking, but I see that Radiance going forth vividly, powerfully, clearly. Some of you would be gratefully surprised and even astonished to know how clearly and powerfully your Radiance is going forth from your human forms.


Tonight I want to give you My Encouragement, My Strength and Energy to electrify you into the full feeling of the immensity of the work which you are doing.

Oh, Beloved Ones of the Light, you have heard so often why there is the need of your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, in order to give Us the privilege of releasing the Power and amplifying your earnest, sincere efforts to go forth and do the work required in the world – the outer as well as the mental and feeling world of mankind. Your Call is showing its activity throughout the Earth.

We hope ere long – if not before, by the time the Messengers return from the East – We shall have something very wonderful to convey to you. It looks today as if We would. I hope with all My Heart that We may be able to convey that to you which We wish. Then your Hearts will leap with joy unspeakable for having been a part of this Service.

The human creation of mankind has so bound blessed humanity that only now are they bursting those binding chains of their own creation. They are beginning to stand forth within the Great Light.

Today, among your wondrous businessmen of the outer world, there is coming a great desire to stand in and for the Light. As these Blessed Books have gone forth spreading their Radiance and Truth, oh, how many feel the Great Truth and Wonderful Reality which they convey! This last issue of the Magazine which has the Chart will spread over the entire Earth.

Blessed Ones, great, great is your privilege in being in the vanguard of this Service which will one day set America and the World free. It will one day bring the longed-for condition upon Earth when all mankind shall be at peace and all struggle ceases.

Oh, can you not feel, even as I speak the Words, the Joy, the Reality of living in such a World? It has existed many times before and will exist again – this time permanently – for the Earth.

Is it not well worth every effort which mankind can make, to once again find that established on Earth?”


Great Divine Director

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