understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of My Heart, how I rejoice that I may be instrumental in expanding, or assisting to expand, the Light within your Heart which is increasing so beautifully. Since you took part in this closed Group, the rapidity of the Expansion of your Light has been so marked that I hold My Hand up to you in gratefulness for the service rendered.

You will all know it is a rare privilege when you understand what this has meant, in the willingness with which you have joyously entered into this Service. It is the greatest accomplishment so far. Many of you feel and know it in your feeling world and rejoice.

Notice this, Dear Ones, all of you who have entered into this Great Special Stream of Life and Energy – I shall tell you what your willingness has done. In entering into this Special Service, the Great Ones from Venus, who have been the Vanguard of the humanity of Earth so many hundreds of thousands of years, have accepted your Service.

Do you realize, oh, Beloved Ones, what that means to Our Beloved Saint Germain? He saw and had the Courage to step forth, assuring all of Us that there were those who could carry this Message successfully – that it must be done now or never if the Earth and its humanity were to survive. Then there had to be someone found who could carry this Message, and it was achieved.

Now the Great Work has gone forth; and as this Good Brother has said to you so many times, he found that in your midst today there is an opportunity to render a Service which only the Ascended Masters yet fully understand. Your being willing to serve joyously has made you a part of that Great, Great Light. Will you not feel tonight, while I speak to you, this Great Reality?

You made yourselves Ambassadors of that Light, and in It you have the privilege of not only allowing, but calling forth the Light of your “Mighty I AM Presence” to spread Its Radiance everywhere you move. Think what it means as you move about mankind!

Oh, often you move among conditions which are so discordant, and yet that Radiance, even without a spoken word, is going forth. Oh, Precious Ones, you cannot imagine how great It is.

That Radiance is going forth at your charged Call – notice! your charged Call – because the momentum you gain from your constant Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” becomes a charged Call, a charged activity, going forth everywhere, spreading Its Radiance.”


Great Divine Director

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