understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Precious Ones! To every appearance that is less than Perfection of the “Presence”, say, “You have no power!” Mean it in your feelings, and you will have no trouble entering your world or disturbing you.

It is true, absolutely true, the appearances or discordant forces in mankind have no power, except the thought and feeling which goes into them and feeds them with the Life of the individual.

Look, Precious Ones, in your recent airplane accidents. Do you not see that from everything which has such an appearance, a momentum goes forth? If it had not been for the Decrees which the blessed Students of America have given, that thing would have gained a momentum, until a dozen or more planes would have been destroyed. The sinister force wants just such a thing to start so mankind may not be in close contact.

I thank the Messengers and the Students for issuing the Decrees to protect the Radio, because there has been a deliberate attempt which would try to interfere with the Radio in America and the World; but it shall not do it!

I tell you, My Precious Ones, in your Mighty Decrees giving this Protection for various activities, you are rendering a Service that will go down through Eternity. Then one day, when you are farther progressed in your Life, you will see the Service rendered and the great intense Protection which has been given America and the great industries. Precious Ones, you have no idea how those marvelous Decrees have gone forth to solve these conditions of strikes throughout America.

Go on with your Decrees. Call the Mighty “Presence” into Action, that they may never have another strike. Call Divine Justice to take place between the men and capital – between so-called labor and capital. There is no labor! There is only one thing – a Divine Service.

Beloved Ones, please feel this in your outer activity of the world, and you will release yourselves from the feeling of labor or bondage.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are serving this Great “I AM Presence” to your Freedom. Try to feel this, and let it take from you all feeling of being in the bondage of labor.”


Saint Germain

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