understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I marvel at the individuals among mankind who are too stubborn to believe the Mighty Truths recorded in Unveiled Mysteries and the Magic Presence.

We never – an Ascended Being will never – use a destructive force; but mark what I tell you, as described in Unveiled Mysteries: the Mighty Host of Ascended Masters draw the Wall of Light, and when the viciousness of the individual strikes It, their own viciousness rebounds upon them and they must handle it – if they can.

That is the Law of everyone’s being. We do not wish to harm anyone; but We shall not allow the Messengers to be harmed – nor this Work!

When those within humanity have been willingly strong enough to carry forth to a certain point, then the Great Law sweeps in and takes a hand.

So I say to you, Precious Ones, We love the Christian Scientists, We love all Unity, We love all mankind; but the viciousness that comes in their ranks shall not harm these Loved Ones. Neither shall it harm the Students of the Light!

I say to you, Beloved Cora Wickham, here in San Francisco: “My Hand is in yours for your firm, unyielding stand in bringing the Light of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ to your friends, the Christian Scientists. One day you will not be able to care for them all, so many will come. Your loving Heart and kindness will render a transcendent Service and are rendering it.”

Every Blessed One of the Students here and Group Leaders, I enfold you in My Love; but do not feel inharmonious to each other. Whenever a feeling of discord or inharmony comes from one Student to another or from one Group to the other, remember, you can always know instantly it is but a claw of the sinister force driving in, trying to destroy the great good you are doing.

Now you will notice, Precious Ones, the Messengers fear nothing. They are wholly unconcerned about all this silly criticism and falsehood, which is spread by individuals because they are not permitted to drive into this Heart Center of Light.

I want you to understand here in San Francisco, you Blessed Ones, that We are back of you – the Great Host of Ascended Masters – and one day, you will know that We are even more Real than you are. One day you will know that We are not an imagination of this Good Brother. You will find that We are very Real, and We can be very Tangible, but yet still Invisible.

Do not forget that!

Some of these people who have tried to claim and prove discrepancies in those marvelous Books will one day cry out for Mercy. Mark what I tell you! We bide Our time, but mark what I tell you!

We spread it to the World:  No person, place, or thing shall ever harm or destroy this Work. It shall go on, until every one of mankind knows this “Mighty I AM Presence”, and through It, all have their freedom.

I say this to you tonight for your strength, courage, power, and freedom. To Us, the silly falsehood, condemnation, and criticism is silly nonsense and has no power.”


Saint Germain

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