understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Radiance in the Class has surpassed anything so far, and I want you Precious Ones to know that. In the fullness of My Love I say to you, if you wish Us to come twice a year – this year and next – We will come to you.

I say for your Blessing and Freedom, do not be worried about anything injuring this Work. All the vicious gossip there is, does not amount to anything. Those unfortunate individuals are but destroying themselves! They are not injuring you or this Work; they cannot do it. But the pitiful thing is that they still think they can.

I want to say to our blessed friends, the Christian Scientists:  In their churches, I am amazed that people who pretend to pour forth Love, would turn in viciousness against this Love, this Radiation of the Light and the Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is the Source of all Life.

This is the first time I have spoken My Opinion; but I say today, and you may carry My Word to them, “It is pitiful!”

I tell you frankly – and you may carry this to all Christian Science churches throughout America and the World: Unless they stop that, they will destroy every church and its attendance which they now have.

I say this in all Love and Kindness. I wish to stop such a thing coming on, for great good has been accomplished through Christian Science; but I tell you frankly, every source – whether it is Unity, Christian Science, or whatever it is – that attempts to bring disgrace upon this Work or condemns or criticizes It, will fail utterly and their churches will be empty!

This Work opposes nothing in the World. It goes on presenting this Wondrous “Presence” – the “Mighty I AM” – which every human being on Earth should be delighted to know about and understand;  and because they have allowed suggestions to enter their ranks and fear that this would empty their churches, they have turned in many instances in vicious hatred to the Messengers and this Work.  God alone pity them!

Unity has done the same thing, through the claw of the sinister force which has entered into their Heart center. I say this to you in all Kindness, Dear Hearts. Watch! Every source that has presented some part of the Truth which condemns this Work, will fail utterly, because the Messengers have never condemned any activity and never shall!  They have presented this Mighty Law of the “I AM Presence” in their humble kindness, and if people do not wish to come into this Mighty Truth of the “I AM”, they should not condemn It.

I stated in the Shrine Class that the Messengers have carried forth bravely thus far and, by their powerful, dynamic Application, have held their own protection and carried the Work forth.

Now then, We shall fight their battles and they shall hold their peace.”


Saint Germain

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