understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, in your earnest Call, that the Law of your being is – being the creator of the discord and limitations in the outer world, you must through self-conscious Call to the “Presence”, dissolve and consume it .

When you have made enough Application, you come to a certain point – now notice this point tonight – you come to the point where the Ascended Masters say:  “You have fought the battle up to this time; now We shall take a hand and fight the battle for you.”

Think of it! Do you fully comprehend, Precious Ones, what that means? It means such Assistance as the average individual does not comprehend its importance to them as yet. Remember the power of your attention, Precious Ones!

This is the one reason why I call your attention in these Heart-to-Heart talks to these certain things, because when your attention is upon a thing, then the thing can be fully accomplished; but how can you know a thing if your attention is not upon it?

Do you not see? In the outer world you cannot know a thing until your attention is upon it. You cannot even become aware of it; because if your attention is not upon it, even the intellect will sidetrack the feeling, even though what you want is trying to get through your feeling. Your intellect will say, “Oh, that is something else.”

It is marvelous, Precious Ones, to realize and watch your feelings to see what is accurate and what is not. Finally, you will find that you will be able to recognize the accurate promptings from the “Presence”, just as definitely as you would distinguish a blue pencil from a white one. It is training, Precious Ones, that you need, and is what you are going through.

You are getting this training to make you alert to the Inner promptings of the “Presence”, through your Higher Mental Body – making you quick and alert by Its Action through the Inner, Wondrous Prompting.

This Good Brother rejoices in this one thing, perhaps more than any particular thing; for there are times when some outer thing requires attention, and yet in the midst of the great Inner Power begins to surge forth. Then he can do more in one day than he can ordinarily do in a week.

It is a joyful, wonderful thing to feel the Power surge through with this speed and do everything – not a single move out of place – until many things are accomplished. Is that not wonderful?

It can be just the same with all you Precious Ones. This is why We say, call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action to make you alert to this Prompting and feel always ready and alert.”


Saint Germain

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