understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know Precious Ones, since the beginning of the Shrine Class We have drawn more closely into your physical world of activity by far than ever before. Now that means a great deal. I want you to all feel Our Indomitable Courage within you which just sends you forward like a rocket in all achievement, even in the small details of your outer life.

Oh, just feel the Glorious Joy from the “Presence” surging forth to do things – and when you get there, all is right! Just feel it in the morning when you get up. Hold your arms to the “Presence” and say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, I feel the Glory of Your Energy, Health, and Strength today. Charge them forth into my world; send them everywhere, harmonize and bring everything into Perfect Condition, and when I physically arrive see that all is prepared. See that there is only joy, harmony, and successful achievement when I arrive in physical form.”

Oh, Precious Ones, if you would only do that, there would not be a single thing touch you during the day.

It fills me with such Joy when I think of the blessed Sindelars and their courage – how they have gone forth putting out the Magazine so beautifully and wonderfully, standing against a great avalanche.

I see the blessed Rogers who have stood pouring forth so great a love that they cannot get places large enough to hold the people. I thank and bless the many Group Leaders – the blessed Ratana, Stanley, and the blessed Frank Lanning – all those blessed ones who have their Groups and are having such joy in drawing them together. Oh, it is so wonderful. We bless all the Group Leaders who are sincere everywhere. They are all doing a wonderful work and We rejoice so greatly in it.

Let Me remind you, because it is so wonderful – and you must not mind if We do remind you of this point often, because as you near it, oh, what, tremendous things it means in your life – to think when you have served the Light enough, the Light turns and serves you! Is that not one of the most wonderful things in all the Universe?

It has only required a short time in your conscious Call to your “Presence”; but suppose it were two years, suppose it were five, suppose it were ten that it was necessary for you to call your “Presence” into action to gain the point where, in your Service to the Light, It turns and begins to serve you!

Is it not worth every effort the human being can make to reach this point? So many are nearing it!”


Saint Germain

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