understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are many things which I wish I might say to you tonight; but you are not yet quite sufficiently in position, to do so. I say to you:  glorious and wonderful things are before you who will stand determinedly and call your “Presence” into action firmly. To you the very Gates of Heaven, so-called, will open.

If you could see with the Inner, True All-Seeing Eye the difference in your city when the Messengers first came here, and now today – from the Inner standpoint it is perhaps one of the most amazing things anyone ever witnessed. You are transforming and changing the whole city. You will see the evidence of it in many, many ways.

Go on and on and on, oh, My Precious Ones, individually and in Groups. Go on with your wondrous Mighty Work.

I am just going to reverse the Call with you tonight. You have been calling Us to come forth. I say to you tonight, you could not want Us half as much to come forth in the Tangible, Visible Form as We should love to come.

That time is approaching, and remember: We dare not come forth and requalify powerfully your energy, until you have Self-control enough not to requalify it! This is all that stands between us.

So keep on with your good work, and you will eventually find that you have complete Self-control. Then We can come forth the same as the Messenger stands before you tonight, and will he not be a happy chap then?”


Saint Germain

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