understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I suppose I am going to get a little sentimental again tonight; but Dear Hearts, how We do love you Precious Ones! When I see the great earnestness, your great determination to have your Freedom, and the wonderful Application which you are making, I just long to take you in My Arms and whisper in your ear, “Go on, My Blessed One, you are gaining your complete Victory.”

Oh, many times, Dear Hearts, when you least expect it, I do whisper in your feelings that wonderful Courage and Strength.

There are those in this room tonight who will go forth imbued with such Power and Strength that nothing will ever stop them again or even seem to. They will go forward in the Strength of their “Mighty I AM Presence”, amplified by the Great Host of Ascended Masters.

They will feel forever sustained by the Mighty Glory of their “I AM Presence”, as the full commanding Activity, the Light of the World and, oh, I rejoice!

There are many of you to whom I wish I might speak individually; but you must feel My Feeling in your Hearts, because you are doing so wonderfully. All of you are doing so wonderfully. When I see the great change that has taken place in New York and Philadelphia, it is wonderful.

I see how the blessed Students of Cincinnati and those various places in the East where We were so recently, are standing like Generals in the Call to the “Presence” in this present need [recent flood conditions].

It is a very wonderful thing, and I rejoice tremendously with them.”


Saint Germain

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