understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it, Dear Hearts, any moment that your courage wavers, just stop for a moment, still yourself, and think:  “What nonsense! My ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ is giving me Life with which I think and speak and move about. Therefore, I give It the full Power to take command in my world and produce Perfection.” Then, just become still and get your human self out of the way a little more.

Do you not see, that is the principle thing required? If you could only make the human be still and let the “Presence” flood forth to do it, It would of Its own Volition do the things you require and ask It to do.

You must accept your “Presence”. Use your ability and authority to call your “Presence” into action to produce certain results. Then do you not see how very much greater are the results, than if you did not know of your “Presence”?

Do you not see how tremendous your Call to the “Presence” is and what it means in the quickness of the Freedom which you are seeking? That is the beauty of it.

Oh, the wonder of it, Precious Ones! To think you have come to know an Invincible “Presence” which naturally beats your Heart, whose Intelligence is limitless, whose Powers are limitless, whose powers are Universal! It will answer your Call – every detail of it – gladly, joyously, and freely, only asking you one thing:  to keep your feelings harmonized enough so you do not requalify the Great Stream of powerful, Perfect Energy which is flowing in at your Call.

Just let it go forward into your world, to harmonize and produce Its Perfection there.

It is wonderful you are getting this more powerfully than ever in your Life tonight, and I rejoice with you exceedingly. Your “Presence” cannot fail in anything, oh, My Precious Ones. Your Call, if you were an invalid in bed – your Call is as powerful to the “Presence” as one who is a muscular giant.

Will you not feel this Great Truth – this Mighty Truth? If you could only whisper to your “Presence” your need and then abide in it, It would rush Its Powers forth to do that which was required.

Please, you Precious Ones here who have now gained this momentum, do not ever feel that anyone has any more power than you to call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into Action to flood your world with Perfection, to solve any problems, and release to you the supply you require.

Oh, it is the Truth. It is only when you get discouraged that you momentarily seem to shut the Door, but even in that you really do not. You have only just stayed the momentum a little.

Then again, as you enter into the Joy of that Great Perfection of the “Presence”, again It will flood forth with Its great Joy of Achievement. It is so very beautiful.”


Saint Germain

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