understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Precious Children of the Light, you are My Happy Family! Justly I can claim this, for great happiness has entered into your world. It is building each day with a Glory and certainly in the Onrush of the Light in, through you, and out into your world. Oh, it is so much greater than yet you quite realize.

Tonight while We have a little Heart-to-Heart talk, will you not feel entering into your being and world a Mighty Activity – first, of the Quality of Peace and Rest; then of a Mighty Activity so powerful that anything you have previously conceived would sink into insignificance in comparison with it, for such is the Truth.

You have gained a power and a momentum now in calling your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action. Will you allow Us to help you in this Explanation We offer?

Precious Ones, this is far more important than you realize; for when We ask you to accept a Quality, you are really accepting a Substance containing that Quality, which makes It constantly active within your being and world.

I do not feel that it is necessary to longer prompt you concerning any wrong activity, but rather to encourage you in Strength of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, to flood your world with such a Glory that you wholly forget there is anything else.

We never prompt beyond a certain point, but you will remember what was said to you in the Shrine Class:  now, the Great Cosmic Law does permit Us to fight some of your battles for you. I do not mean by that, you are to lie down on the job. You must make your Application with firm determination – firmer than ever for the next few months; but the Great Cosmic Law does permit Us to give you Assistance – which We always stand ready to do – and that is your great privilege at this time.

Never, now notice this, never in My Experience have I, or any of the other Ascended Masters, known such great Assistance to be given, or such an Opportunity in the Action of the Great Cosmic Law. This means a very long time, for I have definitely consciously ministered to bless all mankind during many centuries.

Let us take it from the seventy thousand period. Seventy thousand years is a long time according to the human sense, and yet you Blessed Ones get discouraged in a few weeks or a few months!

Well, I will not say I was not discouraged during that time; but still I was able to surmount it, if that was the case. So are you Precious Ones being able to surmount anything that confronts you, because of your “Presence” which gives you Life and beats your Hearts.”


Saint Germain

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