understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our Precious Lotus! We thank and bless her for her ceaseless Service and her great happiness in that Service. I shall, for one, stand by and see that she never lacks for energy and strength. Your love is oh so great, pouring out to her, and I thank you with deepest Gratitude.

Notice, Dear Hearts, how the great earnest Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” dissolves and clears away all mist of human creation. A great number of the earnest “I AM” Students are fast surging forward, into a great Peace at first – then the feeling of their Mastery over their worlds, then the feeling of a great Love and Kindliness pouring out to all mankind, which opens every Door before them into whatever activity is required.

Oh, Precious Ones, do you not see that those who have felt jealous and inharmonious just fade out of the Light – blaming others, when only within themselves is the fault?

Oh, Precious Ones, so many of these are precious ones whose Light is very great; but when they become caught in that snare of jealousy, criticism, or condemnation, their own blessed Door just closes temporarily and they feel alone in the world.

I, with you tonight, call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” of each one of those precious ones who have for one reason or another allowed themselves to feel unkind to the Messengers, or critical: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, dissolve once and forever every human creation about them – cause and effect – and set those blessed ones free in the Light, that they may have the Freedom which is so near them.”

If only mankind and the precious Students could see that the moment a discordant feeling stirs within them, it is just the sinister, human creation which would bind them longer in their limitations and distress.

Oh, that all might understand this and be so firm in their refusal to speak or accept from others any inharmonious expression! Then their worlds would quickly be at peace, filled with the Glory of the “Presence” and the abundance of every good thing they require for use in the Service of the Light.

The God Tabor, the God Himalaya, and the God from the Swiss Alps join Me in pouring forth tonight a fourfold Activity for your Blessing, for your Freedom. May I ask you to accept the fullness of It to go forth and do Its Perfect Work for you?

We love you, We thank you, We bless you.”


God Meru

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