understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We see from Our Great Field of Activity the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, from which one day shall be released again Its Great Powers. Many of you will see and know this of which I speak.

Remember that not so far from this Great Focus of Light there was one of the greatest destructive activities on the Earth. There are caves in our beloved Andes where one day there was broken up the greatest focus of darkness on the Earth.

In that age, the final battle was won between the Light and darkness. The Light of course always wins; and so It will again in your Beloved America – in Our Beloved America.

In your song tonight you touched deeply within My Heart. Hence, Great is My Joy to have been present with you and rendered a Service which it is My Privilege to give.

May I remind you, just at this point, how great is this uplifting activity, how great is your happiness when you have rendered some service to each other out here in your world of action!

Then can you just imagine for a moment Our great Joy when We find an opportunity, sometimes even to Us wholly unexpected, to render a Service sometimes very far-reaching. Tonight it is far-reaching, from the Andes to the Sierras! Does that sound like a long distance! Well, it is not! That is the human concept which says so.

To Us who have forgotten, so far as Our own Activity is concerned, that there is time and space, is it any wonder We feel there is no distance? It is possible for everyone to become so conscious of his “Mighty I AM Presence” that he has no cognizance of time and space.

To feel it, or to be imbued with this feeling that you go through the activities of whole day as though it were in an hour or perhaps a few minutes, is joy unspeakable.

You know how often in your contemplation of the “Presence”, one, two, or three hours pass and it seems but a few minutes? That is a slight intimation to you of what it really means to transcend time and space.

The Great Cosmic Law is now permitting this to be done more and more for the Children of Earth. Thus it is hastening, quickening powerfully, your own Call for the Freedom of all mankind.

You who are privileged to know your “Mighty I AM Presence” in this way, will find yourselves a Thousand Petaled Lotus, Its Thousand Rays reaching out everywhere to bless, to heal, to prosper and enlighten.”


God Meru

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