understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To our Beloved Children of the Light who are soon to go to Norway, We thank you for carrying the Light there. Remember you are rendering a transcendent Service. We watched the blessed ones going here and there, and those who stand so loyally to this Instruction which Saint Germain has brought forth. Great will be the Blessing to them.

See how quickly everything comes into Divine Order and is so sustained!

Watch! Be alert, O Precious Children of the Light! Silence every discord and inharmony that attempts to find expression in your world, either through yourself or outside. Then you will find great calm, peace, and serenity filling your world, filling your Heart, until when you call there will quickly come the Answer from the “Presence”.

The Messengers have pled with you to do this, for there is the imperative need of harmony and stillness in your feelings. Once you realize this, you will find that in the stillness there will come always – quickly and clearly – the Answer required. It cannot fail!

Oh, Beloved Ones, do you think that your “Presence”, the Governor of the Universe, could fail? Do you not see how incredible such a thing would be, and that it is only the human concept which longer prevents you from entering quickly into the Freedom which the “Presence” is?

Believe, oh, Precious Ones, the experiences of this Good Brother on Mount Shasta, where the Light descended rendering a Service so great! There is not one in this room – and this is no exaggeration – there is not one in this room, through whom that same Service might not be rendered.

I tell you, Precious Ones, your “Presence” is not limited to Its Activity in and through you, except by your feeling world. If you will feel the Full Authority and Power of your “Presence” and then just be still, you will quickly find that this “Presence” is a never-failing Release of all that is required.

The happiness within your feeling is the great Golden Key which the Light of your being turns, and the Door opens into your Freedom. In the “Presence” is all you require – not yet, possibly, in outer manifested form!

But the pattern or idea, the Intelligence for its perfect manifestation in any required form is there, within the conscious acceptance of your “Presence” into your feeling world.”


God Meru

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