understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Children of the Light, in your song tonight acknowledging the Freedom of America, you brought the release of a Great Cosmic Power. As My Focus of Activity is in South America, so do I join in the Freedom of the Americas and the World.

Children of the Light, be forever certain and reminded by the Great Host of Ascended Masters, of the majestic privileges you have in rendering a Service to a great mass, unknown in the history of mankind.

A few have had this privilege, but you today are Children of the Light from many civilizations in which you have lived – sometimes higher, sometimes not so high. Yet in this embodiment, you enter into the culmination, the balancing of that which your Inner Light has sought in every embodiment.

Tonight there is one in your city from South America whom I have been watching for some time. As you may have observed, We never lose an opportunity to watch the Expansion of the Light in every one of the beloved Children of the Light, until their Light expands to the point where we may give Assistance to quicken It into the fullness of Its Mighty Glory – that the individual may become a Blazing Sun of Light wherever he moves, and that We may envelop such a one and pour forth a Mighty Radiance.

Precious Ones of the Light, oh, that you might fully, quickly realize that you, even in the present state of the Expansion of your Light, can become a Blazing Sun of Light wherever you move!”


God Meru

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