understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, that you could for one moment know the Great Love that We have poured forth to you – the whole entire Group of Ascended Masters. The Messengers have poured out Love and called It forth from the “Mighty I AM Presence” without limit. You have poured forth so great a Love.

I am speaking to a few who have been critical: oh, Beloved, Precious Ones, take command of the human self and silence its activity forever. It is only yourselves whom you injure, Precious Ones. After all that has been said by the Messengers, how can you fail to comprehend that every discordant thing you send out is but injuring yourselves?

You cannot harm this Work nor the Messengers; but you do harm yourselves, sometimes irreparably.

Our Love is so great for you, and I say again as I did in the East, I have the confidence that My Love is great enough to redeem everyone. One day when they see the missed opportunity, the Hearts of those who have temporarily stepped aside will cry out for the Radiance which they have left.

Precious Ones, oh that you could understand and feel the great, great Love which enfolds you.

Our Beloved Nada during this Class has performed one of the most Transcendent Services for every one of you, enfolding you in Her Infinite Substance of Divine Love.

Our Precious Nada – there has been very little said about Her, but I am going to say something tonight which you will never forget: In civilization after civilization She has been the Inspiration and the Power to lift them to the height!

Such is the privilege you have in receiving the Radiance of Our Beloved Nada, who made the Ascension before Jesus.

Do you still feel, oh, My Precious Ones, that these Great Beings are just an imagination of the Messengers? Is it possible that such still can be the case? I trust not.

The Service rendered to humanity is inconceivable to one in the limitations of the flesh. Still, you Blessed, Precious Ones who have been drawn under this Radiance by My Humble Efforts, have serving you these Marvelous Beings, Transcendent beyond all concept of the average individual.

Oh, every Precious One, awaken and let your Heart release Its Feeling and Understanding of these Mighty Truths for you!”


Saint Germain

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