understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones who are visiting Students and Group Leaders from the different parts of the United States, please carry this word from Me: Any Group Leader who does not wish to follow that Outline, please do not be a Group Leader! We wish to bring a regulated activity which will be a Mighty Focus throughout the United States, for the Freedom and Blessing of mankind and for its protection.

If We cannot be obeyed when We know and, through the kindness of the Law, bring before you that which will enable you to be free, then again We cannot help you. It is so imperative at this time!

Tremendous protection has been given the coast of America. Do you want to undo this, Beloved Students everywhere, and let this cataclysm come forth and destroy you all, just because you will not control your human impulses?

Precious Ones everywhere, awaken! Oh, awaken to the importance of this! You have become one with this Mighty Stream of Light. Why will you not protect It instead of criticizing It?

I am not speaking to the precious ones who have not criticized, you know that; but I am speaking everywhere to those in the mental and feeling world who have done this.

Precious Ones, let us come in as one Great Pillar of Light in the future, and make this year one of the most magnificent in the Victory of the “Mighty I AM Presence” which has ever been known in the history of the World. It can be and will be done! Will you join It or step aside?”


Saint Germain

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