understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, I want you to rejoice with Me; and as you contemplate in the future My Words and My own Experience related to you tonight, oh, may you feel it! with Its great Reality, until your whole being glows with that Light from within, so Its very Radiance becomes visible in your physical form.

Oh, feel it in the full Glory of Its Infinite Power; and let Its Great, Its Almighty, Perfect Activity go on and on.

You have the greatest Friends on Earth – the Ascended Masters, who will never criticize you, condemn you, nor say to you, “Why haven’t you done this or that?” but just in Their great Love, Kindness, and Radiation pour It forth and await your obedience, to the extent that Its great Perfection begins to find expression within, about you, and in your world of activity;

to bless you forever with Its ever-intensifying Perfection, charging you and your world with the Glory of the “Mighty I AM” in Its full Power and Action through the human form.

Then, no longer will human disease and disturbance act; no longer will problems exist; no longer will illness be; no longer will imperfections be; but the Glory of your “Presence” will be in full command of all that is.

Blessed Ones, tonight, the Light in your Hearts right now is all there is! When the human form – the feeling – gives obedience to that Light within, It expands; all human imperfection ceases to be; and you become the God of Light, the Goddess of Light.

Out of the fullness of the Light of your Heart floods forth Its Perfection into your being, into your physical body; and by that firm, unyielding stand to and with your “Presence”, call with such firm determination, that all things of human creation yield to the Power of your Call.

As that great Light releases and pours forth, know you are no longer a being held by the activities of your own creation; but you are a Free Being, who has cut asunder the chains of your own forging!

And as they drop away, you stand forth the Commander of your own world – a Being of Light!

I thank You.”


David Lloyd

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