understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, do you not see, Beloved Ones, how you are having the greatest privilege in the entire Universe by having all of this great amount of Understanding, Application, and Law of Life given you. It has been tremendous!

Remember, Dear Ones, if it had not been for the great, urgent need and the Command of the Great Cosmic Light, so much would not have been given. Do you realize this great amount of Truth which has been given is unparalleled in the history of the Earth?

In the past ages, when people sought this Truth all over the World, they were taken in on probation. They were eased along like a small infant learning to walk, but today you are all jumping in with both feet and swimming well.

Why? Notice why, Dear Ones. This is important!

Why are you able to swim so well? Because of this mighty Radiance from the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Beings, and the Cosmic Light. You would not swim nearly so well if it was not for Their Presence; do not forget that!

Oh, the Blessing of the Presence of those Great Ones is beyond anything in the world! Never forget it for one moment. Mankind would be helpless and lost today if it were not for their Presence and mighty Radiation which They release.”


David Lloyd

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