understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is no human element in this I am talking about. Why are the Ascended Masters always so magnificent? Why are They clothed so magnificently? Because it is the Law of Perfection! They cannot be otherwise! Everyone, as he enters into that great Perfection, becomes clothed like Them – not only in the Perfect Form of finer Substance, but also the finer Garments.

Look, for instance! I am standing right here while I am flashing the Words to the Messenger. Why do you not see Me? Because the Vibratory Action of My Body, unless I lower It, is above the vibratory action of your physical sight, and of course you do not see It; but if I were to lower It suddenly to the vibratory action and rate of your physical sight, you would see Me just as plain as you see each other.

Please understand, Beloved Ones, with the Ascended Master or with Myself, for instance, who have so recently been freed from limitations, I did not even contemplate it as I recall now.

During those years of the search I only had – perhaps I was stupid; but will you believe it, I only thought of the words which the Master had given Me in India:  “When you have found that man, you will have found the one who can assist you to the Ascension.”

The word “Ascension” was the only thing My consciousness fixed upon and held to. It never left Me, waking or sleeping; for I would wake up in the night saying, “When you find that man, you will find the one who can assist you to the Ascension.” 


That phrase was repeated to me again and again, thousands and thousands of times, Beloved Ones. I never even thought or considered what would be the process – not even for a second, as I recall. Is it not strange?”


David Lloyd

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