understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Try to follow Me in your feelings, in that which I will try to convey to you. When I was making My search, all the time I was expecting to find the one who could help Me. In some small degree you know what it is to momentarily expect even a step might bring you into connection with the individual you are seeking.

Think of it! Today you do not have to make that search. You do not have to go through the hours of uncertainty which were Mine – the days, the weeks, the months, the years. I mean the uncertainty which comes from the yet unaccomplished.

Today, your Hearts know your “Mighty I AM Presence” is above you. You know that you only need to make your Application; to give your attention to It; to make the Call; and sooner or later It will flood your being and world with all that is required to cleanse, purify, and place your physical body in a position where the Earth loses attraction for it.

It naturally, by the uprising Power of the “Presence”, Ascends – Free forever from human garments and limitations.

You see, in the purifying process of the physical bodies, the discordant qualities are thrown off. Your body may retain much of the appearance of imperfection yet, even when your feet have left the Earth.

My body did not change until after My feet had left the Earth. Only after I had been absorbed into the Higher Mental Body did the Transformation take place. I still retained the appearance largely of what I had of imperfection in the physical form; but no sooner had I entered into the Radiance of the Higher Mental Body than, just like that (motion of hand), all of the human, imperfect appearance disappeared – even the old suit of clothes I had on!

If you had watched it as I did, dissolve – I have not tried to reach back and analyze it – but out of that old suit of clothes must have come some element out of which the other Garments of the Higher Octave came, such as I have never thought possible to wear.”


David Lloyd

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