understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When agitators can get the feelings of the people stirred up and disturbed, then they have all entered into a seething vortex of destructive action, and the sinister force has its claw upon every one of them.

That is why nothing in the world is ever accomplished by agitation, because it disturbs the feeling of the people and they do not think clearly. It does not make any difference if the motive were the best in the world.

If the feelings of the people are drawn into a condition of disturbance, antagonism, resentment, or whatever it may be concerning the conditions which are not harmonious, then they have lost power for permanent achievement.

That is why the only thing which can correct conditions in the World today, is enough individuals charging these mighty Decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind.

These Decrees go forth like great Waves, sweeping everywhere and touching the feeling of people who do not even imagine such a thing as this Understanding exists in the World.

As the great Wave goes forth, touching the mental and feeling world of mankind, all of a sudden someone calls their attention to this wondrous Knowledge. Then they say:  “There it is! That is what I have been looking for all my life!”  Thousands of people who have come into touch with this Chart and this Understanding have said just those words.

That is what is taking place. The mental world of mankind is one! The feeling world is one!

That is why the Great Himalaya and the Great Divine Director, when the Great Himalaya came in California, made it possible to open and direct these Currents through the atmosphere of Earth.

The Great Himalaya – seeing what was being accomplished here – every Class since then has opened the Currents of Earth; and thousands of people in India, without a radio, have received this Work.”


David Lloyd

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