understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, let Me say to you tonight, with all the Love of My Heart, if I did not know better than to have human sympathy, I certainly would have sympathy for some of the unfortunate creatures who have opposed this Work. They will reap such agony as no one would ever wish to see. There is nothing can prevent it, because they insist on doing it.

To do a thing on the spur of the moment, find it is a mistake, then call on the Law of Forgiveness is one thing. But when the heart is constantly beating at the intellect of those individuals – telling them they are wrong – and the human intellect is too stubborn to believe it or listen, then God help them when they have to pay the penalty.

Now, watch out! Because I am saying this, do not let your human sympathy go out for one second to anybody who is vicious. If you do, you will pull yourself right into that viciousness.

Human sympathy is agreement with imperfection – and that is a Divine Law!

Divine compassion raises you up into the Octave of the “Presence”, and gives Assistance which you could not imagine in your human sympathy. Then you keep yourself out of the condition for which you would have human sympathy.

Watch out, Dear Ones! Oh, do I not know what that means!

In the sympathetic nature which was Mine, I was fortunate indeed. I did not happen to be in a condition where too much opportunity was offered Me to exercise that human sympathy, and it was very fortunate for Me.

I tell you, these days you cannot afford to let one moment’s sympathy go forth from your Hearts, because it will drag you right into the condition where your sympathy is and make you unable to help.

If you will say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, raise me into Your Power; and through Your Divine Compassion, give them such Assistance as I in the outer could not imagine”,  then you will have rendered the most Perfect Service, and keep yourselves from the destructive conditions or qualities into which you would otherwise have drawn yourself.

It is through human sympathy that the world has drawn itself into such deplorable conditions today.”


David Lloyd

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