understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“What makes the appearance world of human discord and limitations? Certainly the “Presence” did not. It is the accumulation of discord and limitation generated in the feelings of mankind.

You might say to Me, “Well, does all the appearance world carry the power of imperfection?” Yes, most of it! I mean by that , if you saw the feeling back of things in the outer world, you would find that the same human limitation is there.

This is why Saint Germain in His great Wisdom has said to mankind, “Refuse acceptance of the appearance world”,  because the vast majority of it is but human creation. It is not Perfection in itself. Neither is it Eternal.

If your bodies were the fullness of the Christ, or God, the “Mighty I AM” which is anchored within you, they would be Perfect Bodies, would they not? Then what makes them imperfect?

The accumulation of mankind’s discord – nothing else in the world! Either you have generated or accepted it into your world. There is no getting away from it; that is the exact Truth.

Therefore, when you turn square around and look yourself right in the face and say:

“Hold on here! I have been at odds long enough! You have held the reins; you have led me around by your wrong ideas into all these disturbances, limitations, and discord. You are not going to do it any more! Get behind me and behave yourself! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You come forth! Take command! Produce Perfection and hold Your Dominion!

Every time there is the slightest question as to the Power of the “Presence”, say:  “Stop that nonsense! Get out of my way!”

You have no idea, Beloved Ones, until you begin to feel or talk like that to your human, limiting self, how soon you will be Free. You will find it just loses its power to affect you. Then you can say to the pain in your body: “Get the hence! You have no business here! Get out!” and it will get!

Oh how many times the Messenger has said that. In other words, he issued a Decree for the individual. Sometimes when it was very distressing he would raise his hand and say:

“Pain, stop! Get out of there! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command of that mind and body! Hold your Harmony there! Dissolve and consume cause and effect of this thing, and see that it does not occur again!”

The thing would stop instantly. That is your privilege too.”


David Lloyd

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