understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, take your firm stand from this hour forth – absolutely unyielding! Do not be bothered whether there is an appearance or not in the full Answer to your Call. Once you have started that Call, stick to it – knowing the Power of Light is released to accomplish it, and the Light knows no opposition!

Let Me tell you, the greatest ease and rest will fill your being if you will know, even while your attention is on outer things for the moment, that this Power of Light is going on, acting to perform the Service you require.

Every time you make a Call concerning problems of supply or anything, finish it by calling the “Presence” to sustain it. Then Its Activity continues to go on. It does not mean that you do not have to make your Application again.

Every time you have a few moments – even if it is not something pressing or urgent – every time your attention goes back on it, release your Call again. Then go on about your business.

I tell you, Dear Ones, it is necessary to make the second Call, because the outer activity of your being has been so prone to accept the appearance world. If you do not keep it reminded of the Activity which is going on, it will immediately go back to accepting the appearance world which says it could not be.

That is where the outer and Inner part of you get into an argument. You know how many times it has done It.

Through the old idea, when you were supposed to claim what you wanted – many activities of metaphysics said you must claim and accept that you already have the money. The outer self or intellect would say, “Well, where is it?” because it is the power of your attention upon the appearance world which is so limited.

If that charged energy continues to act, you will still be limited; so you must reverse it. You must take your stand that the appearance world is not true.”


David Lloyd

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