understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I hope that there is no one of you in a hurry tonight. I think I could go on all night; but, Blessed Ones, the Radiation is so lovely and you are receiving into your feeling world this great Radiance so powerfully, that I wish we could go on and on.

Oh, Dear Ones, feel with Me the Truth of your Freedom of Life, and even of your Ascension! Even if you did not make It in this body, what does it matter? You know you are sure of it next time! Is that not something.

My Dear People, whether you succeed in this body or not, know that in the next one you will be Free from birth and rebirth, and all the limitations which mankind have lived through in all embodiments. There is nothing on Earth so tremendous.

You cannot imagine what it means to have so recently gained My Freedom. Now, I come among you and see the tremendous Call in your Hearts and your feelings. Good heavens, I have seen some of these blessed ones reaching out with a power that would mow down anything; and it will!

So, keep it up, Dear Ones. Keep that magnificent power and energy going forth, and do not let anything mar your happiness.”


David Lloyd

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