understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I digress just a moment to call your attention to the Healing Power?  If there are any in the room needing healing or assistance, please open your Hearts to the mighty Healing Currents in this room, that you may have any discord in your feeling world dismissed forever. Let this Power of Light flood through you and give you Its Perfect Health, Strength, and Happiness, which nothing can ever mar again.

You see, mankind has reversed almost every activity. The marvel of it is that people have had as much comfort as they have, because of the reversal of almost all the conditions of their lives.

You know that in the present method of photography, you actually take the picture upside down. That is because of the conditions mankind has generated. Watch what I tell you in the near future! Your cameras will take your pictures right side up. Watch it!

The whole condition of human Life is being turned right side up. You watch it! You will see the proof of these Words, because mankind is giving their attention once again to the Source of all Life where it belongs, Beloved Ones.”


David Lloyd