understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us come now to a very vital point. As the World and the Students stand today, he is a great Focus of Light in their midst. He probably would not like Me to say this, but then it must come forth.

You have noticed that where the Messengers’ bodies are, there is a most powerful Focus of the Light. There is a reason for that. In your Groups you call forth wonderful, marvelous Light and Energy because of your sincerity; but in the preparation of the Work, the “Presence” has made the Messengers a tremendous Focus of the Light.

While I do not prophesy this, it should not surprise Me at any time, during the intensity of the Class – and especially during the last five, six, or seven days – to see the Light become so powerful that It would be visible to anyone’s physical sight.

The World is bound to have the Truth of this Light.

This is a secret. Shall I tell you what I am doing? I am calling to the Authority of Life, that before thousands of people in America one or more Ascensions shall take place as It occurred with Me, that the whole World may know the Truth which this Good Brother speaks forth.

By the Power of Infinite Light, I shall see It is done! or move the heavens out of place. I am determined that the World shall know the Truth which he speaks to them!”┬áThese unfortunate creatures who try to spread falsehoods concerning him or this Work, may Heaven help them!

When they say that these Books are untrue and that some silly human being supplied the books from which this Information came, it is insanity and ridiculous. Where did the Information come from which was dictated before thousands of people in California and elsewhere?

Did that come from any book written at present? You know it did not! So, I tell you that I shall never stop until every one of those vicious tongues is silenced against the Messengers and this Work. I am getting more Authority each day!

Dear Ones, do not think that I join the vicious throng. Not at all! but I am tremendously Positive! I know the Law, Beloved Ones!

Remember, Precious People, that if you are dealing with a vicious force, you must yield a greater amount of energy than the vicious individual, or that vicious individual will sweep you under.

You are dealing with Law! You are dealing with vibration and energy, as the Blessed Lotus has said so many times.”

David Lloyd

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