understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because mankind has forgotten It, they have only had fragmentary results through their prayers and through their calls. There was no intense feeling released. The prayer which was answered had to be charged with intense feeling, but mankind did not know why the answer was given.

When your calls were answered you said, “Yes, God granted my prayer”, but you did not know the means or operation by which it was done. You sent forth the call and saw its effect, but there was no conscious knowledge of the operation.

Today in this magnificent Activity which Saint Germain has brought forth, you see the magnificent operation of the Law. As you gaze upon that Chart, you see, feel, and know the exact detail of the accomplishment. You know the activity which is taking place within you and the Great Presence of all Life to produce these results.

It was just the same with you as a child. Of course there have been some prodigies who were able to do this – but if you did not take your pencil in school and work out your mathematical problems, you did not retain the knowledge. That was the way you came to the solution of your problem. Some could do that mentally – they were very few.

Today you are in the same condition. When praying to God as an Omnipresence, you do not have the feeling and release of the energy that you do when you know Its Individualized Presence is there before you, as shown in the Chart.

I was in the same position through My own actual experience. So recently I was in your midst. Dear Ones, do you not see what a short time ago I stood in a limited body like yours; and but for this Blessed One before you, I should have still been there.

Do you wonder that My Love and Gratitude are boundless to him? I know that it was his “Presence” which gave Me the Assistance; but if his physical body had not been there, I would not have had the Ascension.”


David Lloyd

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