understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, you will remember that at the base of your brain is the distributing point for this greatly intensified Light as It comes into your body, into every cell. In your Call to the “Presence”, the intensification of that Light also acts through every cell of your body.

Take for instance this illustration:  As you are sitting listening to Me, our attention – your attention and My Attention – is on that Perfecting “I AM Presence”, the Ascended Being, the Perfection of Life. Therefore, in your feeling is the acceptance of It.

Every moment our attention is upon the “I AM Presence” and those great Perfected Ones, the raising process is going on. The expansion of the Points of Light within every cell of the body is going on.

It is a definite, permanent, powerful activity which no human will can change.

Remember, once your activity and understanding of metaphysics was a temporary thing, because you did not understand consciously and in your feeling that your “Mighty I AM”, the Presence of all Life, was above you and giving you Life in the physical body.

saint germain God presence chart

You prayed to and thought of God as an Omnipresence; but when you know this “Presence” is above you, and know it in your feeling, it is a vastly different thing.

The Presence of all Life, of all Perfection, beats your Heart. Instead of the feeling reaching out, wondering, “Where is that connection:  where is my Stream of Life connected?” you know definitely It is there – the same as you see the Light here in these fixtures.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is above you! Its Ray of Light and Energy flowing into your body and anchoring within your physical Heart, is eternal proof that above you is the Perfection of Life.”

David Lloyd

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