understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is a difference between the Ascension actually taking place, and your attention through your consciousness held upon It.

Dear Ones, the Ascension takes place by the natural Law of your Life, through your feeling when your attention is held to the “Presence”.

As the Messengers have said quite often, the moment your attention goes to the “Presence” in your feeling world – knowing It is there above you, and that from It you receive Life, Intelligence, Energy, and Activity – that moment your Ascension has begun.

Do you see? Actually, physically It has begun. Is it not one of the most wonderful things to know? It sounds so simple.

It does not require much effort to give attention to this Presence of all Life, the “Mighty I AM”; but, oh, Dear Ones, do you realize what it means? Every moment given to that Blessed Presence of Life, your Ascension, your Purification is going on.

Do not let one thought, one feeling, one activity of your physical body from that moment henceforth cause you to accept for one moment that your Purification and Activity is not going on.

The quickest way is to love your “Presence” intensely.

Beloved Ones, I tell you, when you really begin to give your attention to your “Presence” with earnest, determined intensity, there is nothing that can stand before you, when you are reaching out to your “Presence”.

Its Wondrous, Infinite Power of Light is enfolding you. It passes in and through you and every atom of your body – every cell.”


David Lloyd

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