understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your Life as It stands today in your “Presence” and your Higher Mental Body is Perfect; but notice how different that Current of Stream or Life and Energy is in comparison to the Ascended Masters, because you have not yet Ascended!

The Ascended Masters have accomplished the journey and produced the Perfection – the purification of the human structure.

We have never touched upon this point before; but what do you think is the reason for the purification of the human structure, the human form? Because today you are the accumulation of all that has been in the past.

Notice! You are the accumulation of all that has been in the past! Therefore your physical structure, your feeling world in the activity of its purification is the drawing forth of all accumulation of imperfection into the Violet Consuming Flame.

The Perfection in the Stream of Life is being drawn back into the “Presence”. That is what is contained in the Circle of Light about the “Presence”. It is your Goodness.

Then you have drawn the imperfection from all past conditions into the Violet Flame, and all your Perfection into the “Presence”. Then you as a human form stand quite Free.

In the Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you allow the Perfecting Activity from the “Presence” to release. It starts by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame in Its Activity of Purification.

As you call the intensified Energy from your “Presence” down into action, the human meets the Divine. The Divine, being the Light, knows no opposition, and absorbs the human into Itself when the Perfecting Activity in preparation for the Ascension takes place.

It is perfectly natural, perfectly practical.

Beloved Ones, as you come into the fullness of this Understanding, you will see It is absolutely practical – the most practical thing in the understanding of mankind.

This is why the attention held to the Ascension is imperative. It does not make a particle of difference whether you make the Ascension today, tomorrow, or in the next embodiment;

but it is most imperative to begin! That is the point which is vital to you and to everyone.”


David Lloyd

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