understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of Cleveland, Blessed Group Leaders, and those visiting here:  Our Love and Gratitude are so great tonight for the opportunity to speak into your feeling world that which We know.

You have been quite willing to take Our Word for this until such time as you could prove it for yourselves; but I say to you, because of your love, your gratitude, and your willingness to stand for the Light, the Great Divine Director has prepared the way for all Students throughout America.

As the requirement comes about, certain Ones of Us come forth.

Through these dictated Words, which carry the qualities you need, We charge them into your feeling world. They bring to you the greatest possible Blessing and Freedom, right in the immediate future.

Tonight, as never before in your Life, understand that you are not dealing with any human being’s opinion, imagination, nor quality! You are dealing with the Quality of Perfection in your own Life, which the Ascended Masters represent.

You might wonder why They represent your Life. Because your Life and Their Life is the One Life in Its Purity and Perfection, before Its Light touches the individual’s form. Your Life and Their Perfected Life is One, because your Life is Perfect.

Therefore, you will see how logical and practical all this is in the activity of your own Law of Life. We are talking of nothing else.

The Ascended Masters never refer to anything else but the activity of your own Life, of which They are the conscious Ascended Perfection.”


David Lloyd

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