understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, do not be dismayed, Beloved Ones! We see all that is going on in your government;


and I say to you, this Mighty Power of Infinite Light shall protect your America against all human beings on Earth.

That Power is Light!

It shall take Its Dominion on Earth, and those destructive powers shall not come into America!

Not so long ago in your blessed city of New York there was anchored an activity which would have destroyed the Earth, because it was the head of the sinister force whose body rests over Europe.

During the Class when you see the picture of the gas belts, you will observe the outline of which I am speaking.

Beloved Ones, your encouragement today is in the release of the Cosmic Light, which has made it possible for the Ascended Masters to use the Power of Light Rays, to hold in abeyance those destructive powers which would try to gain their dominion here.

Already the Activity of the Cosmic Light has begun; and there will be watchful care over America.

Every destructive force that attempts to act will find itself disappointed!”


Goddess of Liberty

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