understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, let us join in one Mighty Activity! I am speaking to you tonight so this may go forth to every Student in America and the World.

I am calling for their attention!  May the Service America needs be rendered quickly!  Unless it is rendered, you will have much to handle.  If an undesirable person should come to your door and you let him in, well, you might have considerable difficulty in throwing him out.

So it is today with individuals! So it is today with nations!

It is much wiser to give the protection and keep out the undesirable, than to allow them to come and have to throw them out afterward.

Not that it would not be done; but think what devastation would come, in order to do it!

Therefore, know this! Know the accuracy of the Vision shown Washington; for remember, until the Ascended Masters take command of America, Washington will stand.

Remember, Dear Ones, today you do not know all that took place in the time of Washington, before nor since.

The All-powerful Guard of Light in Its Infinite Activity is behind the scenes.

All Infinite Power is invisible; and so it was in the Activity which gave your America Her Freedom – back of that was the Infinite, Invisible Power.

Saint Germain and Myself were two of those Powers, invisible to the human sight.

Tonight I am saying this to draw you closer and, if possible, try to have you feel more powerfully the Service that Saint Germain has rendered and is rendering to America.

Oh, Beloved Ones, you will never know until your Ascension what He means to the World; and how in those former centuries in Europe, He tried in every conceivable way to help the people to see;

but the ignorance and arrogance of the human is terrible to behold.

Today, Beloved Students, I say to you for your eternal, individual Blessing: no matter how great the Powers that you call forth, no matter how great the attainment that you reach, whatever in God’s Name you do, be humble!

There is not anything so great in the world as to be humble before this Great Presence and Power, your “Mighty I AM” – firm and strong against human suggestions, but humble as a babe before the Great “Presence” which gives you Life.

Then Its Powers will flow in, through you, and out into your world, to bless you and all with whom you come in contact.”


Goddess of Liberty

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