understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Knowing with certainty that the Vision given Washington would be fulfilled if help did not come to the American people, Beloved Saint Germain has aroused in the Hearts of the people the desire which has brought forth that Call, so deep, from Hearts so earnest.

You beloved Students do not know it, but there are thousands of people in America today, beside the “I AM” Students, who are calling with Hearts so filled with Love, because they have felt the threatening condition to America as never before.

They have felt the undercurrent of destructive activities which have tried to find a foothold in America.

Today, how thankful and grateful you can be that enough has been done to give one the greatest encouragement to release the Power for its completion.

The Ascended Masters and We, from Our standpoint of Freedom, knew the Victory was certain from the beginning – providing We could depend upon enough of mankind.

Unless We can have the Call to the “Presence” by enough people in America, We cannot tell what human beings are going to do.

That is why, when the mass are taken into consideration, a correct, absolutely certain prophecy cannot be given because mankind change so often;

but where it concerns a great Cosmic Activity, We can tell you to the minutest detail everything which will take place in the whole activity.

When We have enough of the people of America anchored in their Great “Presence” then We can tell you exactly what will take place in your America!”


Goddess of Liberty

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